Hot Tubs. Toast. Luxury.

Stimulate your senses and maximize your relaxation with our exclusive toaster & hot tub combo. With ToasterTubs, you’ll be the toast of the party.

Hot tub illustration

What is ToasterTubs?

ToasterTubs is a hot tub with a built-in toaster.
That's right, you can now make toast from the comfort of your hot tub!
We took everything you love about freshly toasted bread and relaxing hot tubs and combined them into a single, ground-breaking product: a hot tub with a built in toaster.

  • Toast

    The greatest thing since untoasted bread.

  • Hot Tubs

    The most relaxing thing you can do outside.

  • ToasterTubs

    The greatest thing you never realized you needed.

Are you ready to experience perfection?

It’s been a long day, but you’re finally here. You’ve traded your work clothes for a swimsuit and now the AquaToast Pro’s gentle bubbles are melting the day’s stress away.

And just when you think you can’t think things can’t get any better, you hear it. You hear the gentle ringing of the custom chime that you choose, alerting you to the moment you’ve longed for all day.

You bring one hand out of the water and reach over to the toaster slot to accept the gift it’s offering you.

With closed eyes, you feel the steam from the hottub all around you then bite into the perfectly toasted bread. The bubbles gurgle and sing around you as your worries and stresses melt away into a single, all-encompassing thought.



With three options to choose from, choosing the perfect ToasterTub has never been easier!

  • Solo Soak

    With seating for one, the Solo Soak is perfect for the selfish person who doesn’t want to share the life-changing experience that comes from owning a ToasterTub.

    sold out

  • Aqua Toast Pro

    With seating and toast for two, the Aqua Toast Pro is perfect for date nights, breakfast on the veranda, or long talks about how jealous all your friends are that you own a ToasterTub.

    currently unavailable

  • Baker's Dozen

    With seating for six and accompanying toast slots to match, the Baker’s Dozen will be the star of every party you host. Every party you host will end with your guests toasting toast in your honor.



ToasterTubs changed my life!

“At first, I wasn’t sure if I could take the time out of my busy day to sit in a hot tub and eat toast. But after an initial trial run, I was hooked. Turns out, toasty toes and toasted bread is the combination I never knew I needed. These days, I rarely leave my ToasterTub...and yeah, I lost my job. But I have never been happier!”